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Your artistic photo’s for the Soul by In Love Photography.

Hi There,


I’m Wim Vanhengel.

That’s not a very Irish sounding name is it!?

I’m originally from Belgium but have been living in Co. Kildare since I met my wife Mary.13 years and three kids later I have no desire to live anywhere else!

I am lucky enough that my passion is my profession. My clients are from all around the world… Ireland, UK, US and Australia .


If you or a friend are looking for a photographer, well, I’d like to explain a little more about what I can do for you.

For me, a wedding is a rare chance to share in your very special day. It’s about creating your memories and capturing your real emotions — those special moments when no one is looking. The groom’s cheeky smile, that reassuring wink from a father to a bride, that moment when the sunlight perfectly catches the brides face.

Each wedding is a unique, personal experience and that’s why wedding photography means so much to me.

It’s all about capturing your unique love story… the romance, the quirky and unforgettable moments that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

On the big day you’ll find me working away in the background looking for an unusual angle, or for that gorgeous backdrop or the special natural photo that will make friends and family smile for years to come.

My clients are always happy (I’m not just saying that) as I really enjoy befriending the couples I work with to help preserve happy and special memories of their wedding day. I’ll take my time getting to know you as a couple, it makes creating your wedding day story so much easier… if you’re totally relaxed with me and enjoying having me around it just shows in your photos.

So when you are looking for an artistic photographer who will perfectly capture the romance and beauty of your wedding day, please feel free to get in touch by filling in the contact form on my website or a phone call on (00353)873628140 – I’d love to hear from you!


My best wishes,

portrait in love photography

Photo by Butterfly Photography