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Me and your wedding day.

It’s a long text but keep on reading, it gives you tonnes of information.

Wedding Photographer in Ireland

So you are looking around for a photographer? Planning a wedding is very exciting but it can be time consuming and a bit stressful at times.So I can make this part easier for you! Heres how… After checking out my website ,reading my blog, you get in contact, we have a quick chat on the phone (or your preferred social media!) we meet up have a coffee or if you re out of the country or further away we can Skype or FaceTime- as easy as that!. You’re happy because you’ve found the perfect photographer who can capture all your romance, emotions and fun on your wedding in a way you like and I’m happy because I get to do the thing I’m most passionate about!

If I’m going to spend time with you on one of the most important days of your life its only fair you know a little about me other than my love of photography!. I just LOVE mountains, whether to go walking, hiking or skiing in them…. nothing better than a crisp Winters morning on the slopes in Austria or a hike up the wicklow mountains that are just on my doorstep. The travel bug hits me every so often! Myself and my wonderful wife Mary travelled around the world for 365 days. South America in a bus. New Zealand with on old car. Vietnam by train ,the Amazon on a boat. Oh yes, I just love food-cooking and eating it!! Hard to beat a good Irish fillet steak or fresh fish in Kinsale!  Just as well I like running to stay in shape!

People always ask me : What is your style and how do you work?

My photography is most definitely not traditional and it is also not only a reportage. For most of the day I follow you around capturing the story of your day. Before hand we will have chatted about a time line. Not that it s set in stone it but it gives us a good idea of how your day will unfold. I strongly believe we have to set aside time for your wedding portraits. Just the two of you. It is the only moment in the whole day after you said “Yes” that you get to spend a little bit of time together without anybody else. Unfortunately you do have to take me  with you! but I promise to give you space! you re likely to hear me say “imagine Im not here, you are just on your own” we then get the most wonderful photo’s that will show all your love and emotion. Photos you’ll want to share with your grand children when you are old and wise!.I find its usually better if the bridal party joins the shoot at the end and we get some great relaxed group shots. Not too much of the corny stiff stuff but real photo’s of your bunch having fun.

During all of this I will give direction where its needed but it should feel and look natural to you. As fuss free as possible!

Now I forgot your family photo’s. The ones your mum and grandmother will put in a silver frame on the mantel piece. They are so important and often people aren’t very keen on doing them. With my long experience I have a small set of these photo’s that everybody will want to put in a frame.  If you are interested in hearing about this give me a call and I can explain how we can do these photo’s in a fun and stress free way without taking up too much of your or their time!

So to put it all together. I want you to enjoy your wedding day and the company of your family and friends.My job is to fit a photo shoot and a family gathering into you day without taking up all your time or getting in the way!

A few days after the wedding, when you are relaxing on honeymoon you will say. “Wow, we had an amazing day. We had so much fun and Wim was so easy going, we hardly noticed him around”!!Then I ve done a good job!

It is so important that you and your photographer are a good fit. I’ve already told you a bit about myself and how I work. If you think we could be a good fit give me a call and tell me more about yourself and your wedding plans.

My phone number is 00353 87 3628140 or use the contact from.

Please don’t just ask how much the cost will be because it is about much more than just a cost. I will create beautiful photo’s not only for you but also for your grand children.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Wim X